The East of Madagascar

If you plan to trip to the East of Madagascar, we recommend you to have a short detour at Ankanin’ny Nofy. Located on a peninsula of about 50 ha, on the shores of Lake Ampitabe. This is separated from the Indian Ocean by a mere line of very thin coastal dunes that sometimes are a few meters width only. It is a protected area and home to nearly 100 000 palm trees specific to Madagascar. Ten species of lemurs live in freedom in the reserve,as well as reptiles, amphibians and crocodiles. Visitors can watch Indri Indri, Sifaka, mouse and crowned lemurs and even the shy and extraordinary endangered Aye Aye. It is now possible to see aye aye during your stay at the PalmariumHotel (Ankanin’ny Nofy). There’s a little island, 15 minutes by boat on the way to Manambato from the hotel where 6 aye aye individuals live. This portion of circuit can be combined with Andasibe National Park and a beach time at the island of Ste Marie where a whale watching takes time from July till September. A magnificent Humpback whales come to the waters of Madagascar to give birth & nurture their young.