The west of Madagascar

A tour of the Western Madagascar involves a variety of transport from plane to canoe. It is the home of the baobab tree and you will have the opportunity to take a ride along the famous and unique Avenue of Baobab. The avenue is a breathtaking at both sunrise and sunset and is magical place for the romantics and photographers alike. In addition to that, we will take you to the unique place in the world where you will observe the largest predator of the lemurs called fossa in a wild which actually active at night but you will also see them walking around the lodge during the day time. Not to forget, your main reason to come to and visit the Western part of Madagascar; is the world famous Tsingy of Bemaraha National Park known locally as ‘’ The stone of forest’’. The Tsingy is a limestone pinnacles rock formations. It has been well documented by Sir David Attenborough in his TV series on Madagascar. This area can be reached by internal flights; road or combination of both depending on your schedule… The Tsiribihina river offers an opportunity of an exciting safari away from it all. Travelling by traditional dugout canoe down river; it involves two nights of camping. You will be surrounded by a wide variety of wildlife and will have a chance to experience the warm-hearted nature and welcome of the Malagasy people.