Why visit Madagascar?

Madagascar is a gigantic island camped 400 km from the west coast of Africa. The Mozambique Channel separates it from the latter, while to the north, east, and south, the Indian Ocean encircles it. Geographers argue that Red Island is an integral part of Gondwana. It broke away from the African continent after the successive earthquakes that occurred in the region centuries ago.

The close neighbors of Madagascar are the islands of Reunion and Mauritius, essential destinations for tourists from all over the world seeking Madagascar Tour and Holidays. Compared to the latter, it does not yet know many crowds, but it has nothing to envy. Its immensity in every sense of the word deserves to be visited.

The many reasons to visit Madagascar

Madagascar is a place conducive to a total change of scenery and the discovery of other skies. In terms of tourism, Madagascar does not yet know many crowds despite the atypical natural resources enclosed within it. The majority of travelers who pass there are fans of all-natural sites, those who are addicted to organic products, and many scientists in search of atypical fauna and flora that characterize Madagascar Nature & Wildlife.

The biodiversity of the endemic riches of Madagascar maintains its reputation at the international level. Who hasn't seen or heard of the famous cartoons 1 or 2? Which of us wouldn't love to see the extraordinary buboes of orchids up close or tickle the silky fur of cat lemurs? All this will be possible during a trip to Madagascar.

The different climates recorded in Madagascar make it a multi-faceted destination. On this beautiful island surrounded by seawater, the barometer oscillates between 0 to 36°. Between the coastal regions and those of the high plateaus, local temperatures show variations of more than 10 points throughout the year. In the center, the Madagascar climate is mild, and to the east and northeast reigns a humid environment. In the western part dominates a semi-arid atmosphere, while in the far south persists a dry air resulting in a semi-desert landscape identical to that of Colorado. It is for this reason that the red island has vegetation not found anywhere else and many exceptional tourist sites.

And the endemic riches, to date, there are more than 50 world-renowned national parks and protected areas, more than a dozen of which appear on the tentative list of world heritage sites and that of UNESCO.

All these assets of Madagascar make it a unique destination in the world. Consider embarking on a journey to Madagascar with Madagascar Travel packages, as it promises an unforgettable experience. Prepare to be captivated by its irresistible allure and enchanting ambiance.

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